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Research Centers:

The University Transportation Centers (UTC) Program has ten regional research centers located at universities around the country. The program is run by the USDOT. The centers provide coordination for transportion research efforts, with each center maintaining a unique focus suited to their particular region.

  • Mack-Blackwell National Rural Transportation Study Center (MBTC) is located at the University of Arkansas. The Center's goal is to educate transportation professionals and to improve the quality of life in rural America through transportation education and research. By contributing to better systems of roads, waterways, rails and airways in rural areas, MBTC helps to move people and goods to their destinations more efficiently and economically.
  • National Center for Transportation and Industrial Productivity (NCTIP) is located at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The Center focuses on increasing productivity through transportation improvements. NCTIP research focuses on freight movement efficiency; passenger movement efficiency; and facilty, institution and regulatory efficiency. Its flagship academic program, the Interdisciplinary Program in Transportation, leads toward a designated M.S. and Ph.D. in Transportation.
  • National Transportation Center (NTC) is located at Morgan State University. Its mission is to advance U.S. technology and expertise in the many disciplines comprising transportation through the mechanisms of education, research, and technology transfer at the university level. The intent is to promote transportation-related careers among minorities and women and to provide training and research opportunities for faculty and transportation professionals, entrepreneurs, and business organizations. An important element is the continuation and broadening of the Master of Science degree program in transportation.
  • National Institute for Advanced Transportation Technology (NIATT) is located at the University of Idaho. It focuses on working with industry, government, and research institutions to develop, evaluate, and market technolgies that will improve the design and operation of transportation vehicles and systems.

Traffic Information:

  • Seattle Area Traffic A traffic flow map of the Seattle area presented by the Washington State Department of Transportation.
  • TrafNet A downloadable program that displays real-time traffic conditions for the Seattle area.
  • Seattle Buses Find your route via a map or a text-only version.
  • Washington State Ferries Ferry schedules provided the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Cycling Resources:

  • WSDOT Cycling Page Extensive listing of resources for cylists.
  • City of Seattle Program Includes maps for bike trails and routes within Seattle.
  • Cascade Bicycle Club Along with information on cycling in the Seattle area and general bicyling information, a good list for other cycling resources, including national and international sites.

Other Resources:

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